Q: Some time ago, you asked for suggestions to make Christmas less expensive.

Several years ago our family (10 adults and eight children) decided that Christmas didn't need to be a huge commercial exercise.

Since then we have celebrated — with lots of laughs:

• An op-shop Xmas.
• A "donate to charity" Xmas.
• A second-hand book Xmas.
• A "second-hand anything" Xmas.
• A "get rid of our unwanted stuff to another lucky family member" Xmas.

Of course, some of the ideas overlap, but who cares? Some of the grandchildren do baking or make sweets, etc. There are unlimited possibilities to be creative.

We all agree it's lots more fun, much less stress and way less expensive.

A: What great ideas. Lots of families now do the "everyone gives to just one other person" thing. But your themes sound like much more fun.

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