Bosses running big businesses in construction, development, investment, land ownership and retirement hold big sway in New Zealand.

Yet many are not household names - and they like it that way.

So who's really in charge?

Who are those controlling billions of dollars worth of investment, making decisions which affect our lives - where and how we live and work?

one roof

Tomorrow, we publish New Zealand's first property power list where nearly 60 people are listed as being involved in around 40 entities.

That is divided into two categories: those people involved in public companies and those in the private realm.

We name the most influential NZX property bosses, followed by people with businesses in the private sector, then four key people in Government who hold big sway when it comes to real estate.

All these individuals are a key to the multi-billion dollar real estate sector. Three influential industry experts assisted Herald property editor Anne Gibson in compiling the list.

Although there are only 40 individual businesses listed, we name up to five people for each business, informing you of the collective power behind entities.

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