Plumber Tom Harvey consoled himself that selling his prize Porsche would raise the deposit for a new house… only to win another two days later.

The 28-year-old first won a Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS worth $219,000 on Boxing Day in 2017 – along with $40,000 in cash – after entering an online spot-the-ball competition.

Incredibly, last week he won another model – this time a Macan S worth just a shade under $99,800 – and another $40,000 in cash. His two windfalls total $396,000.

But the biggest cause for celebration was that he had just sold his first win for about $179,000 last Sunday to use as a deposit on a new house with his partner – two days before learning he had won his second dream car.


Commenting on his good fortune, Tom, from Dartford, Kent, admitted that he was "gobsmacked" by the win.

"I must be one of the luckiest men on the planet at the moment," he said.

Tom, who was attending a plumbing course in Essex with his father Bill when he received news of the latest win, added: "I just ditched the course and went straight to Porsche in East London.

"I seriously never thought I'd win once, let alone twice, so I'm properly gobsmacked."

- Mail On Sunday