Q: We have a house in Auckland worth $1.1 million and one on the Coromandel worth $600,000. We have about $300,000 in KiwiSaver and investments.

I am 61 and my wife is 66 and retired. We have decided to leave Auckland and live in our Coromandel property, where I will work from home part-time.

We want to sell the Auckland property and invest the proceeds to provide for our retirement. We like Auckland and would visit it often, but believe staying in a hotel or Airbnb is much more economical than owning a property in Auckland.

Our big concern, though, is that we may in a few years decide to return to Auckland and find the property market has moved on and we cannot afford to buy there again.

We thought about buying an Auckland rental property with part of the proceeds of the sale of our home, so as to keep a foot in the Auckland property market. We are, however, not keen to be landlords, with all the hassle that entails.

What do you suggest? Should we put the money into a property fund instead?

A: Nobody can accurately predict house prices, any more than share prices. Still, something I read the other day convinced me that it's really unlikely Auckland house prices will rise fast in the near


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