Spark's successful bid for Rugby World Cup rights, and the rise of Netflix, means more Kiwis are spending less time watching traditional television - or they're fretting about how they can stream content over the

Q: What is streaming video?

Q: Can I watch streaming video on a regular TV?

Q: Which Smart TVs support Spark's Spark Sport app?


Q: What if my TV isn't a smart TV, or its maker doesn't support Spark Sport's app?


What if I don't have a TV, or don't want to stream to my TV?

Q: How do I get a video from my phone, tablet or PC onto my 'dumb' TV screen?

Q: What are streaming platforms?

Q: What sort of internet connection is best for streaming?

Q: Does streaming video look better or worse than broadcast TV?

Q: Can I take my time getting UFB fibre?

Q: What sort of internet plan is best for streaming?

Q: How much data does streaming video use?

Q: Why is streaming bad in some parts of my house and how can I fix it?

Q: I live in a rural area? Is that bad news for streaming?

Q: Do I have to be a Spark customer to get Spark Sport?

Q: Is the Rugby World Cup covered by the regular, $20/month Spark Sport?

Q: Enough about Spark Sport already. What other streaming services are available?

Q: Is it piracy to access the US version of Netflix?