A Sydney mum has shared a photo of the bizarre discovery she found in her new rental apartment — "mushrooms" growing out of a door frame.

Posting to the Mums Who Clean Facebook page, the mum-of-one desperately asked for advice as to how to treat the unusual growth, revealing the growth had "grossed" her out.

The woman and her family had only moved into the rental home in recent months and were already experiencing problems with a leaky shower.

"Water must have been leaking from the shower through the back of the wall for some time," she said.


She said she "found these tasty mushrooms sprouted out of the door frame" and freaked out.

"We contacted our property manager and they got a plumber to regrout the tiles," she wrote.

But it didn't seem to do the trick as the woman woke up a few days later to find "the lovely mushrooms are back".

"I don't think it's fixed the problem," she said. "Worried as we have a three-year-old running around too."

According to the women, she had rid the door frame of the fungi and rubbed the area with vinegar, but she was frantic to find a way to banish the growth from her home for good.

The mum was horrified to find what appears to be mushrooms growing in her rental apartment. Photo / Facebook
The mum was horrified to find what appears to be mushrooms growing in her rental apartment. Photo / Facebook

The post left members of the group seriously concerned for the family's safety, with other mums warning the woman the mushrooms were "toxic", "disgusting" and "extremely dangerous".

Most people encouraged her to get professional help and move out immediately.

"Move, get out of lease. That will go into your furniture, clothes and body," one woman wrote.


Another said: "Get out, this can make you so sick and it will just keep growing".

Some handy people told the woman her bathroom area was clearly compromised by mould and toxic fungi and would "have to be completely renewed".

Another person predicted the wall was probably "full of mould and the frame work rotting".

"This happened in our house, and we had to completely reframe the sections of the wall that had rotted out," they said.

Others said the woman's account sounded like the plumber "only did a cosmetic patch up and didn't address the issue properly".

Others blamed the rental property's landlord, claiming it was a "dangerous breach of their duty of care".


Many of the mums encouraged the woman to call the Residential Tenancies Authority for advice on the health hazard.

According to Health NSW, mould grows indoors in wet or moist areas lacking adequate ventilation. There are many different types of mould, and all have the potential to cause health problems.