Ray White has dropped a husband and wife real estate agent team because of their social media posts about Muslims, Africans and Māori.

Paul Davie, who has stood for the Conservative Party, and wife Kathryn Davie are real estate agents and were licenced salespeople for Ray White in Auckland's Blockhouse Bay.

Following complaints about their recent social media posts that disparage Africans, Muslims, multiculturalism and Māori culture, Ray White terminated their contracts last night.

"We can confirm that late yesterday, we withdrew our support from Paul and Kathryn Davie and they are no longer associated with our group," Ray White New Zealand chief executive Carey Smith said in a statement.


"Ray White is family-owned company, with an international network made up of many thousands of people from a very wide variety of nationalities, backgrounds and faiths.

"While we are very accepting of different belief systems, we promote tolerance and respect towards others above all else. Any member whose values are not aligned with ours is inherently not a match for our group."

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The Davies have both since deleted their Facebook accounts and TradeMe real estate profiles, but screenshots of their Facebook posts from 2018 have been sent to journalists.

One shows that Paul Davie had linked to an article about Africans and said: "This is politically unpalatable but it is supported by science."

In another post, linking to a video, he said: "How can any one after viewing this possibly think Islam and Sharia does not and will not present a threat to any non Muslim nation."

"Multiculturalism is and always was a doomed dogma" he wrote in another post in October 2018.

Kathryn Davie, in May 2018, wrote "Civil war is coming" and linked to an article about support for te reo policy in Wellington.


In another post, she linked to a video from under-fire Australian Senator Fraser Anning and the need to stop Muslim immigration immediately with the words: "Too right."

Anning has faced an outcry for his comments after the Christchurch terrorist attack, and for hitting a young man in the face after the man smashed as egg on Anning's head.

According to their since-deleted TradeMe real estate profiles, the Davies were both members of the Avondale Community Board.

Paul Davie stood for the Conservative Party in New Lynn in 2017, winning 297 votes.

He has reportedly previously said the anti-smacking law should be repealed and it should be legal to give children a light smack on the top of their legs

He wanted all race-based representation abolished, he told Stuff in 2017.

"New Zealand is not Māori land, it's God's land."

Then-Conservative leader Leighton Baker, leader of the New Conservatives, said he became aware of Paul Davie's views last year and the party "parted company" with him.

Davie became the party leader of One New Zealand, and a board member, but resigned from the party in January.

A post of the One New Zealand Facebook page defended the Davies as loving people with "mainstream views on pretty much everything".

"To the best of my knowledge, [they] have NEVER spoken out in genuinely racist or hateful terms and absolutely DETEST violence or hate!" the post, which had no name attached, said.

The Herald is seeking comment from Paul and Kathryn Davie.