John Oliver seems to be a big fan of New Zealand and keep a close eye on what's going on in the country - so now Air New Zealand has officially invited him to visit.

The airline has launched a social media campaign asking John Oliver to come "and experience us for real".

"We think it's time John Oliver goes full New Zealand and experiences us for real. At least now he knows where we are… We reckon he should host the show here, 18 hours into the future. The tickets (and sheep) are waiting," Air New Zealand posted on Facebook today.

The post also appeared on Twitter, where Air NZ asked followers to retweet it to get John Oliver's attention.


Oliver recently poked fun at New Zealand again, this time over furniture company IKEA forgetting to put the country on a world map.

In the first 2019 show of Last Week Tonight which aired earlier this week, Oliver pin-pointed the "funny" mistake in a short segment.

During the break from his show, he also gave an interview and revealed the one topic he wish he'd been able to cover during the break was the "unruly tourists" in New Zealand.

In the past, Oliver has covered John Key's infamous ponytail incident, Steven Joyce being hit by a dildo on Waitangi Day, and the flag referendum, among other topics.

A few people have suggested that Air NZ should get Oliver to record their new safety video.