A tenant is claiming they were harassed by their landlord after being sent a pornographic photo.

The tenant of a Lower Hutt property told a Tenancy Tribunal the incident caused them embarrassment after the photo was opened at work and they were forced to explain to their boss why a pornographic photo was on their work computer.

But the landlord rejected any intentional wrongdoing, saying the link to the private family photo collection was mistakenly sent instead of the intended photos relating to an inspection of the property.

The tenant claimed the incident was among others that have been stressful and amounted to harassment.


The tribunal disagreed, ruling the one incident of the pornographic photo, while embarrassing, did not amount to a loss of quiet enjoyment of the property or harassment.

Both parties made a number of claims against each other.

The tenant also sought a refund of their bond, something that was ordered by the tribunal.

The landlord made claims that the tenant broken truss, broken trellis and claimed compensation for loss of rent due to a broken promise about the length of their stay.

All claims were dismissed.

The landlord also sought compensation for a rusty gas bottle and rubbish removal. Due to a lack of evidence, and the fact that the gas bottle was a swap bottle that could be replaced, the judge dismissed those claims.