Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones will seek support for his opposition to the Ports of Auckland "Soviet-style" car park plans at Monday's Cabinet.

Jones wants to block the five-level car park planned for Bledisloe Wharf and said he would be raising the topic when the ministers meet next week.

"We'll discuss it at Cabinet on Monday. I'll raise it as an oral item," he vowed, calling on mayor Phil Goff to stop the development by an Auckland Council-owned company.

Goff has said he cannot interfere in the port's business.


Jones is now awaiting advice from Ministry of Transport officials which he expects later this afternoon. He wants to ascertain what he can do to halt the plans which he sees as undermining a port and road infrastructure study due out in February.

He said he would also seek support from Prime Minister Jacinda Adern, Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters and Transport Minister Phil Twyford.

He plans to do all he can to stop the development, referring to Winston Peters' plans to divert cars coming into Auckland by bringing them instead into Marsden Point's Northport.

Businessman and former civic leader Wayne Brown chairs the Upper North Island Supply Chain Study, a working party looking at whether existing ports and transport infrastructure is fit for purpose. That work is due out in February.

Judith Collins, National's Infrastructure spokesperson, called on Jones to butt out of business, saying he should not be interfering with the port's plans because that was between the port and the council.

But Jones hit back: "Judith is obviously a supporter of the car park and she needs to come clean. I don't belong to the politburo. Ports in New Zealand have been poorly served by Judith and her regime when they had the reins of power."

The port wants to develop the building for cars coming into Auckland and plan to develop a park for all Aucklanders to use on top of the block.