Burgerfuel has been hit by a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority over the placement of a billboard featuring the word "bastard" near a school.

The billboard in question was for the BurgerFuel Bastard burger and showed a photo of the food item with the word "bastard" and the phrase "a punch in the face with a fistful of flavour".

The complainant took exception to the ad due to its location near St Mark's Church School, which is attended by 2 to 13-year-old students.

"We have received complaints from parents about this sign being so close to the school and children passing it twice a day," the complaint read.


The ASA noted that the ad had been "inappropriately located" close to the primary school.

However, the ASA acknowledged that by the time the matter was considered the ad had already been removed because the advertising campaign had come to an end.

BurgerFuel said it has no plans to use the artwork again and that it was part of the company's marketing plan for the coming year.

Posted by BurgerFuel on Tuesday, 3 July 2018

BurgerFuel also accepted that the location directly outside a school was "not the best placement" in this instance.

BurgerFuel told the ASA that in the future, where any of their advertising content is "at all edgy", the company will review the location in light of what is in the surrounding areas.

Given the fact that the advert had already been removed and that BurgerFuel had been co-operative during the process, the ASA ruled that the matter had already been settled.

This is not the first time Burger Fuel has faced ASA complaints.

Last year, the company was ordered by the ASA to remove from its stores napkin tins picturing partially clothed women alongside the slogan "death to bad burgers".


In this instance, the ASA ruled that the napkin tins were likely to cause offence to women and people in general.

The company subsequently apologised for the offence caused.