Here's a quick trivia question for you.

What is the second most well known quote from a movie?

According to a survey by The American Film Institute, it's this quote: "I'll make him an offer he can't refuse" from the movie The God Father.


In the movie the Italian actor Johnny Fontane tells Mafia "Godfather" Don Vito Corleone that a Hollywood movie executive had refused to give him a role he wanted in an upcoming film.

Don Corleone tells Johnny he'll convince the studio executive to change his mind.

"He's a businessman," the Don said. "I'll make him an offer he can't refuse."

Corleone sends his consigliere, Tom Hagen, to visit the studio exec and make a polite request to have Johnny reconsidered for the movie role.

The studio exec refuses, haughtily and hotly.

Soon after that, he finds the severed head of his prized stud racehorse in his bed—and quickly decides to give Johnny the role.

Now in business you often want to get people to say "yes" and buy from you.

So here are three keys to creating an irresistible marketing offer:


Key 1: Give your offer a catchy name

Example 1: You are a fitness trainer who works with midde aged ladies as clients.

You make an offer called "The Ten Years Younger In Ten Weeks Body Makeover." (This catchy name that will encourage a lot of middle aged ladies to find out more.)

Key 2: Include a number of things in your offer that have high perceived value for your clients

Example 2: The Fast Results Marketing Club

Here is part of the sales copy for an irresistible offer that I created for my own clients recently…


For a small monthly investment of only $100US VIP Membership in The Fast Results Marketing Club entitles me to receive...

A: Two fast results marketing consultations by email each month with marketing expert Graham McGregor. (Graham will use his 41 years of hands on sales and marketing experience to help me solve my biggest sales and marketing challenges.)

B: Two fast results sales strategies each month that I can use to attract and convert ideal clients, enjoy large amounts of repeat and referral business and create a unique competitive advantage in my business. (I'll get a new six minute video and four page action guide twice a month that will explain each sales strategy in full and show me how to apply it.)

C: Two fast results marketing interviews each month with top sales and marketing experts from around the world. Each expert shares their single best strategy to boost sales and create an unfair business advantage. (These interviews are in a handy written format for your convenience.)

D: Two fast results emails each month created especially for my own business. (I will be able to use these emails with my own clients and contacts to create raving fans, easy sales and regular referrals.)

Each of the four resources that are offered in The Fast Results Marketing Club have high perceived value.


And by including four resources like this it makes the offer more desirable.

If you watch any informerical you'll notice they offer a lot of extra value if you take action now.

This extra value is often introduced by the words "but wait there's more…"

Key 3: Make your offer limited in some way

You might do this by the number of people you allow to take your offer.

This offer is limited to the first 25 people who enroll. (My Fast Results Marketing Club is limited to 100 VIP Members only worldwide.)


You might want to make it limited by time.

This offer is only available for 48 hours and expires at 5pm on Monday September 10th, 2018.

By making the offer genuinely limited in some way you make it easier for potential clients to take action and buy it now.


For many businesses it could be well worth creating and testing an Irresistible Marketing Offer.

"The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself." - Peter Drucker

Action Exercise

Invest a few minutes this week and watch a couple of infomercials on the TV. Look at what they do to make an irresistible offer. How could you use some of these same things when creating your own Irresistible Marketing Offer?


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