Think you've had a bad day at work? Spare a thought for the Kiwis we spoke to, who've definitely had worse days than yours.

From glaring typos in important documents, calls to the wrong number and spinach on your teeth during a big presentation, everyone's been through an awkward moment at work.

We've rounded 10 hilariously embarrassing workplace moments, as told by those who lived through them, there are bound to make you feel relieved it didn't happen to you.

Have never wanted to hug a stranger as much as I did that day

At a previous job, I had a sleepover shift to do, so took a work car. Accidentally left the lights on overnight and the car battery went flat as a pancake. Went to start the car the next morning and discovered what I'd done, so called for backup. One of the guys from the office came and jumpstarted me, but it happened to blow the fuse that controlled the car alarm (that we were unaware it even had). Tried everything to get it to stop to no avail, so had to drive said car with alarm blaring (which was the most ridiculous thing on four wheels I've ever seen) through town to the dealership where it had been purchased to see if we could get help to make it stop. I have never seen so many people stare at a passing vehicle as I did that day. Got to the dealership, explained that I had NOT stolen the vehicle and this was one of those situations that just looked terrible. Turns out they had no idea how to help. ARGH. So ended up driving to the next best place we could think of (co-workers following so should I get pulled over, I at least had backup that could verify that I wasn't a brazen car thief) which was a company who install car alarms, and they gladly obliged while laughing their backsides off, and managed to find the offending fuse, ending the nightmare. Have never wanted to hug a stranger as much as I did that day!


- Sarah Biggerstaff


Funding what?

At a previous job I was at I was running the news homepage. One of my headlines was meant to say "funding cuts". Instead it said "funding c.....", you get the drift... Luckily it was picked up quickly by my colleague but not before he took a screenshot and had a chuckle. I'll never make an error like it again.

- Heath Moore


Great prank, wrong target

I had started at a new job and my good mate was the sales manager so I decided to prank him on the Monday morning Sales Meeting by tying a piece of string to his keyboard and this went over the back of his desk and then underneath to his chair where it was tied off. So the plan was when he pulled the chair out it pulled the keyboard and cleared the desk of his items. Great plan, it was all set and ready to go, the others in the team were awaiting this. Then the company owner came in and said "I will be taking today's meeting...". I didn't get the chance to yell "stop" and he pulled the chair, knocked his coffee all over the desk and on to the computer. Computer screen fell off desk and cracked the screen. Little to say I was not in good books.


- Grant Marshall



I was at a meet the candidates during one of our local body election campaigns when the wife of one of the candidates asked me what I was doing there. I was a bit surprised as it was a public meeting and I also went in a work capacity. I later found out she thought I was the Mayor of Christchurch, Lianne Dalziel.

- Nikki O'Leary


Wrong number, babe

I was working with a digital agency and my contact was this guy called Chris. What happened was I was texting a female friend of mine and saying how great it would be too catch up and that I had missed her so much and calling her love and babe as I do and made a lunch date. Off I go to where we arranged to meet, looking for her and she wasn't there, but sitting in the back was Chris waving at me and giving me a big welcome hello. For some reason my phone saved his number under my friends. It was quite a shock and I went through the uncomfortable lunch without mentioning my mistake. Thank goodness he left the company I was dealing with and have never heard from him again. I think he thought he was in... definitely not!


- Fleur Allan

Definitely a hit

A close friend who I worked with left to do breakfast with BK on Classic Hits in Tauranga and we were all listening for her big break. She started with "Classic Clits 95BOP FM" became her most notable voice break ever!


- Tracey Blake

Tinder ghosting gone hilariously wrong

I had a phone meeting scheduled with a promoter named Mitch, get into the meeting room with my manager and dial the number. He'd mentioned he's at the airport, so when he answered we asked where he's flying to which he said "Brisbane, then back to Sydney". We we're like that seems odd, but didn't question it too much. Continued with the chat and asked if he'd got the contract; it was when he asked if we'd emailed or posted it I realized we weren't talking to Mitch the promoter, we were talking to Mitch a previous Tinder date who I'd ghosted and just so happened to be a flight attendant. I panicked, said 'sorry, wrong number!" and hung up as fast as humanly possible. Mortifying. Still gets mentioned to this day.

- Willis Fouwler



I texted a colleague once telling him I am leaving and will be home soon "babe"! And have also texted another colleague once about work and ended it with a big X (normally how I end most of my personal texts). Luckily I knew them both well enough for them to not dob me in for harassment!

- Bek Wall


That time the body guard had to pull out a gun

In my first real job after I left school, I worked on the press for a Hamilton-based daily paper owned by the opposition. We had a visit from the then Governor General and I was showing him how we plated up. I reached in my inside pocket for the plate spanner and his "body guard" reached in his inside pocket and pulled a gun and I said some naughty words in front of Sir Keith Holyoake. Oh how we laughed afterwards. NOT.

- Dean Taylor


Burnt backsides

Many many years ago I was in the lift during my first week at work talking to a friend about why I struggling to sit on my chair that day, when a man also got in the lift and asked why - I explained I'd had my first sunbed experience and sunburned my behind so bad I couldn't sit down. After he got out of the lift my friend enlightened me that that was our commercial director at the time #thinkbeforeyouspeak

- Kylie Telford