People cheat on their partners for all sorts of reasons — but according to a recent survey, your likelihood of being unfaithful could also depend on your job.

Ashley Madison, the controversial online dating service for people who are married or in relationships, recently polled members on what they did for a living.

The survey revealed some interesting insights — while the website has been created specifically for cheaters, members were surprisingly loyal to their careers, with 44 per cent claiming they never switch jobs, with the rest saying they only changed roles every 10 years.

It also found the most infidelity-prone professions for both men and women.



1. Trades

Tradies took out the top spot for the blokes, with 29 per cent of respondents working in the trades.

According to Isabella Mise, Ashley Madison's director of communications, tradies' shift work and random hours make it easier to do the dirty on their partners.

"Jobs in trades often mean irregular hours and are often structured in shift work meaning it's easier for men to fly under the radar when it comes to sneaking around with an affair partner," The Independent reported Mise as saying.

2. IT

12 per cent of male cheaters work in IT.

3. Entrepreneurs (both male and female)

Surprisingly, entrepreneurs came in at number three for both men and women.


According to the survey, that could be because entrepreneurs "are likely to take charge of their sex life the way they do their business".

4. Retail and hospitality

Waiters, bartenders, baristas, and hotel workers made up 8 per cent of male respondents.

5. Finance

Another 8 per cent of cheating men are in the finance industry.

6. Marketing and communications

Six per cent of unfaithful men work in marketing and communications.

7. Medical

Five per cent of male cheaters are employed in the medical field, including doctors and nurses.

8. Legal

Four per cent of male respondents work in the legal profession.

9. Education

The education industry — including professors, teachers, and lecturers — made up 4 per cent of male cheaters.

10. Arts and entertainment

Three per cent work in arts and entertainment.

11. Agriculture

Another 3 per cent work in the agriculture industry, including farming.

12. Social work

Finally, 2 per cent of male participants were social workers.


1. Medical

A whopping 23 per cent of female Ashley Madison members work in the medical field as doctors or nurses.

"A combination of long hours of potential stress mixed with a natural reaction to stress just might be the reason these women in the medical profession seek out an affair," Ms Mise said.

2. Education

Next came female teachers, who made up 12 per cent of respondents.

3. Men and women — Entrepreneurs

Male and female entrepreneurs took out the number three spot.

4. Finance

Nine per cent of female cheaters are financiers.

5. Social work

Female social workers are more likely to cheat than their male colleagues, with 9 per cent of participants working in this field.

6. Retail and hospitality

Nine per cent of female cheaters worked in retail or hospitality.

7. IT

Eight per cent of female participants work in IT.

8. Marketing and communications

Next came women in marketing and communications, making up 4 per cent of respondents.

9. Trades

Lady tradies took out the ninth position, with 4 per cent of participants working in jobs such as plumbers and builders.

10. Legal

Four per cent of female cheaters work in the legal field.

11. Arts and entertainment

Another 4 per cent of are in the arts or entertainment industry.

12. Politics

But just 1 per cent worked in politics.