A government scientist has been sacked after repeatedly insulting and swearing at his colleagues.

UK-based biomedical expert Michael Hampton was suspended from his senior position at Public Health England for six months after a tribunal investigated his conduct.

His colleagues had reported Hampton for using offensive language at work and for failing to follow orders.

The tribunal found the 61-year-old, who has worked for the government since 1990, had upset four colleagues by calling them "larda**e" and "f**kwit."


He also labelled one co-worker, who was originally from Croatia, as "the monster from Zagreb".

The Health and Care Professions Council also noted the scientist had refused to inspect changes made to his London lab after he returned from leave.

However, the tribunal cleared Hampton of further claims made by an additional six workers, who alleged the man had referred to them as "vinegar t**s," "big ears," a "backstabbing f**kwit," a "c**ksucker" and a "f***ing b**tard".

Hampton, who did not attend the hearing in person, was stood down after the tribunal ruled his behaviour had been "tantamount to bullying".

According to The Sun, Public Health England declared Hampton's behaviour to be unacceptable.

"We have policies on bullying and harassment and do not tolerate this sort of behaviour," a representative said.

Health and Care Professions Council chairwoman Lesley White also told the publication Hampton had been fired after he failed to show remorse for his actions.

She said he was at risk of reoffending.

"The lack of evidence of any remorse and reflection led the panel to conclude there's a real risk of repetition," she said.