Anyone who has worked in customer service knows there's no limit to the unusual, silly, and downright creepy questions people will ask.

And apparently it makes no difference whether these people are talking to a human customer service assistant, or a virtual one.

For the past few years Jetstar customers have had their queries tackled by the airline's virtual assistant Jess.

Jess expertly fielded questions from the Jetstar website, which helped to free up the call centre to handle more complex matters, and in turn cut down waiting times for passengers needing help.


She's been a dream employee. And now she's joined Facebook Messenger.

The low-cost carrier announced this week Jess was now delivering instant responses to passengers' questions through the Messenger app, where she can retrieve customer bookings, resend itineraries and add baggage to bookings.

"Jess is already assisting more than 8000 customer queries each month through We expect this to grow significantly through Messenger," Jetstar Group chief customer officer Catriona Larritt said.

"While the trend for social media is increasing significantly, we are also seeing a significant decline in customers contacting us by phone.

"During the recent disruptions in Bali caused by the Mount Agung volcano, Jess assisted 3000 customers, and resolved almost three-quarters [of the queries] instantly. The other queries were then managed by our customer care team."

Jess serves an important purpose for passengers but there's no denying a lot of the questions people ask Jess are completely off topic. And, to be honest, many of them have taken a creepy turn.

Jetstar has revealed to some of the most bizarre — but disturbingly common — questions asked of its ever-patient virtual assistant.

Some questions are so common, Jess already has a sassy response ready to fire back, as seen in these exchanges:


Q: How old are you?

A: That's my little secret. Let's just say I'm old enough to know better and young enough to try it again. :-)

Q: What is the meaning of life?

42. (Fans of The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy will appreciate that one.)

Q: Are you married?

A: Let's just say I'm happily married to my job! How can I help you with your Jetstar booking or question?

Q: I love you.

A: Wow! That's sweet. I love cake but that doesn't mean cake and I are meant to be together. How can I help you with your Jetstar booking or question?

Q: Are you on Tinder?

A: But I'm a virtual assistant. Also, I'm here online 24-7, so I can't really go out anywhere. How can I help you with your Jetstar booking or question?

Q: What is your favourite colour?

A: I like lots of colours! My favourite is Jetstar orange. How can I help you with your Jetstar booking or question?

But that's not all. Here is a sample of some of the other, truly baffling, questions — and plain weird statements — people have actually put to Jess, according to Jetstar's massive pool of data.

• You are pretty.
• You type fast.
• You have a great sense of humour.
• What is your job?
• What is your last name?
• Do you have children?
• Do you have a pet?
• Where are you from?
• What do you do in your free time?
• Do you like wine?
• How old are you?
• Do you like music?
• What's your name?
• Who is the prime minister/president?
• What is the capital?
• Do you vote?
• Can I carry a motor cycle helmet as carry on luggage?
• Can I take frozen food in carry on?
• Do I need to bring a passport?
• What is the distance between earth and moon?
• What do you know about geography?
• What do you know about history?
• Today, it's my birthday.
• I would like to ride a horse.
• I am hungry.
• I'm scared.
• I am stupid.
• Do you like me?
• Who is your favourite celebrity?
• Do you want to marry me?
• Are you available to go out?
• Are you something?
• Do you have friends?
• Do you have a family?
• Can I ask you a question about your physical appearance?

Now we have our own question: What the heck?

According to Jetstar, Jess is powered by Nuance Nina, an intelligent virtual assistant, that leverages artificial intelligence technology to let customers engage with the airline across different channels.

You can find Jess on the Facebook Messenger app, and she's still on the Jetstar website for people who prefer things old-school. And before you're tempted to ask, we are pretty sure she doesn't want to marry you.