Four insurers look set to join over 250 locals in a class action lawsuit against the Bay of Plenty Regional Council over flooding in Edgecumbe eight months ago.

Those who have signed on to the lawsuit claim the council failed to act on the knowledge that the stop bank could burst, according to NewstalkZB.

Barrister David Heaney QC said he'll meet with insurers to see if they're interested in taking the matter further.

He said they're getting closer to progressing the lawsuit.


"I have to talk to [the insurers] to find out what their interest is and I'm hoping that they will agree to join in the action with residents and the whole lot will run together," Heaney said.

"We were hoping to get proceedings underway before Christmas, but it may be that we won't quite get there. If we don't make it, it won't be long after it anyway."