Working as a flight attendant is not nearly as glamorous as people think.

Flight attendants are at the beck and call of rude passengers, they clean up the rubbish we dump in the aisles, they have to deal with the messes we leave in the bathrooms and they are forced to bear witness to the disgusting things we do during our flights.

And there's one gross thing passengers do all the time that flight attendants particularly hate.

Annette Long, a flight attendant with 13 years of airline experience, spoke to Business Insider about her biggest pet peeve in the sky.


"We've seen people clipping toe nails," she said.

"It's very gross and you can't make them stop. And it's not an infrequent thing, believe it or not."

Feet generally were a source of revulsion for flight attendants, Ms Long said.

"We have feet everywhere," she said.

"We have people take their shoes off and put their feet on the bulkhead, the wall between first class. Their feet are up there or their feet are on either arm rest of the seat in front of them.

"Feet in general just aren't nice to have for other people's viewing pleasure."

That's no surprise - outrage at passengers and their annoying foot habits has been making the headlines a lot recently.

Last month Nevada woman Jasmine Mays shared online a video of the woman sitting behind her resting her feet on Mays' armrest during a flight.


Ms Mays posted a video of the nightmare situation on social media and within days her video was viewed more than 16 million times.

"That is just NASTY," one commenter said.

"Hell no, she would have got my elbow to her feet," said another.

In July, another woman, Jessie Char, took to Twitter to chronicle her disgust at seeing two swollen feet jut out from behind her to rest on the armrests on her row of seats.

"Today I flew on the set of a nightmare," she tweeted with a photo.

And the gross ordeal didn't stop there: Ms Char then claimed one of the feet actually reached over to open a window.