Auckland motorists have been warned some grades of petrol are likely to run dry at times this week even though the Refining NZ pipeline has been fixed and is carrying fuel.

Andrew McNaught, who represents the customers of the refinery, said there was still a risk of short term disruption.

''Whilst the pipeline is up and running after 10 days without supply, it will take a few more days before ground fuel stocks at the Wiri terminal return to normal hence there may be short periods when certain fuel grades may be unavailable at some local service stations.''

He said supplies of some fuel grades ran out at times. Last week 95 octane petrol was short at some Z stations at times.


''There are run-outs at service stations on an ongoing basis - the reality is there is heightened awareness at the moment because of the situation we're in.''

About 98 per cent of flights from Auckland Airport were running on schedule as rationing to airlines eases. Four international flights were cancelled, some are still landing in the Pacific or Australia to refuel but today all domestic flights ran as scheduled.

One million litres of aviation fuel that had been pumped down the pipeline yesterday would be available for airlines tonight.

A further two million litres would be available from the pipeline on Wednesday and during the past four days 660,000 litres will have been transported by road.

At Auckland's Wynard Wharf, a coastal tanker had delivered 1.5m litres of jet fuel into a converted chemical tank and this would will be available mid-week.

Airlines usually use between 3.3 million litres and 4 million litres a day.

McNaught said 2.5m litres of diesel and 10m litres of petrol will pumped down the pipeline this week.