Fancy a stroll in the Hollywood Hills, perhaps a precarious descent down Mulholland Drive? Flight Centre's new return fares to Los Angeles might spur you on.

The travel agency today announced return airfares to Tinseltown for $799 per person, a saving on the typical range of $999 to $1299.

"Five years ago Flight Centre NZ's best-advertised price for a return airfare to Los Angeles was $1669, more than double the cost of the airfare Flight Centre NZ have available today," the company said.

Sean Berenson, Flight Centre NZ general manager of product said the low fares were the result of a strong dollar and the increase in new carriers, routes, and passenger capacity.


"The market is very competitive right now; this has driven a frenzy of sales activity which is great for the consumer. Essentially it means Kiwis have the opportunity to travel further and more frequently for less."

Passengers can leave from Wellington, Auckland or Christchurch on dates between October 8 and February 16. The fares are on sale until tomorrow and will be on American Airlines.