If you want to attract ideal new clients for your business I highly recommend you test using a special report.

A special report is a 'how to' booklet that has valuable ideas that an ideal client for your business would find useful.

Here's how to create an effective special report
1: Give it an interesting title that will make potential clients keen to read it.

"The shocking truth about cosmetic surgery"
Five things you should know about hiring great people for your business


How to solve the two biggest money problems faced by people over 40

2: Include valuable and useful ideas and tips in your special report.

• Explain the steps involved in buying and using your product or service.

• Show customers the potential problems that can happen and how to avoid them.

• Tell customers the common mistakes that people make when buying your product or service and give them the most important questions they should always ask.

• Make sure your customers know what to look for and what to avoid when buying your type of product or service.

• Give customers insider tips.

• Include information that will help your customers to more effectively solve their problems or reach their goals.


• And do all this in a way that is simple and easy to understand.

3: Market your special report.

There are dozens of ways to get potential clients ordering or reading your special report.
You can offer it on your website, advertise it with display ads, send out personal letters or emails inviting people to order it and so on.

Best of all, once a person reads your special report you will have instant credibility and this makes it very easy for them to choose your business to spend their money with.

Here are two examples of great special reports that you can order right now.

Example 1: The guide to buying New Zealand Property

This special report comes from New Zealand Property Finders and is aimed at helping offshore investors and Kiwis living overseas who want to buy New Zealand property.

Here's a small part of what you'll learn in this helpful special report:

* Two 'Magic Words' that you need to know when buying property in New Zealand.

* Why you need an IER before you start looking for New Zealand property.

* How to choose the right time frame for owning New Zealand property.

* The critical importance of doing the right 'due diligence' when buying property in New Zealand. (And what can go wrong when you don't do it properly).

* The biggest risks in buying New Zealand property and a simple strategy to instantly eliminate 75 per cent of these risks.

* How to use the 'Quality Scale' when evaluating different New Zealand * properties.

* The key differences between using a Seller's Agent and a Buyer's Agent to help you buy New Zealand property.

* How to select the right experts (who will help you the most) when buying New Zealand property.

* And much more.

Example 2: Start with Strength

This special report comes from a Strengths Based consulting firm called The DNA Project Start with Strength provides five strategies to turn new employees into high performers within 90 days.

Here's a tiny part of what you'll learn in this special report:

*Three things you must do before a new employee's first day (pages 4-5)

*How to use M.I.A.T to make a positive first impression on your new employee so they feel welcome and appreciated, and develop into a loyal, hardworking staff member (pages 5-6).

*How to discover what makes your employee unique (page 9)

*How our uniqueness explains the way we think, feel and behave (pages 7-9).

*Simple ways to help your employees use their strengths as much as possible within their first 90 days (pages 12-14)

*How to get expert assistance for your new employee so they can use their strengths to achieve the responsibilities and objectives of their role (pages 19-24).

*And much, much more

Feel free to order one or both special reports if they look of interest.

They are great examples of how to use a special report to attract ideal new clients.


Special reports can be used in both hard copy and digital format and are one of the best ways I know to attract ideal new clients fast.

"In marketing I've seen only one strategy that can't miss - and that is to market to your best customers first, your best prospects second and the rest of the world last." - John Romero

Action Exercise:

Create a special report that will attract ideal new clients for your business. (If you would like some help to do this just send me an email and I'll explain how I might be able to assist you.)