Whangarei District Council has purchased the Whangarei RSA property for $3.4 million.

Whangarei mayor Sheryl Mai and Whangarei RSA president Chris Harold jointly announced that the council is to buy the RSA property, at 9 Rust Ave, for $3.4 million in December 2017.

The RSA and council first started talking about the purchase some time ago and have worked together on the project. The purchase has been funded by The council's Property Reinvestment Reserve.

Ms Mai said the RSA has been looking at the on-going usefulness of the site to them, and the benefits of selling it and relocating.


"The association is of considerable importance to our community, and has worked with council on a wide range of projects over the years.

"We value that relationship and we are very happy for the RSA to stay where they are until June 2018 while they complete arrangements for their relocation," Ms Mai said.

"We have committed to providing a memorial flag station, to support ongoing Anzac Day activities and to respectful treatment of the memorial trees on the site.

"This site's proximity to the library and Forum North, gives us good opportunities for consolidation in this precinct and could have a number of potential uses including car parking, a new theatre or new council premises.

"However before any firm plans are made we will formally consult with the public."

Mr Harold said the RSA will continue to prosper in Whangarei after the sale.
"With a membership that is growing older we need to look at our purpose for being and refocus our approach with concentration on the welfare of veterans," he said.

"The RSA building has reached the stage where it needs updating and extensive refurbishment. With our relationship with the council, we will still have a suitable central base to start our annual Anzac Day commemorations.

''The RSA plays an important role in our community and we are pleased to have sold our premises to another community organisation that respects our heritage and the contribution we make. An announcement about our future plans will be made in due course."