A few weeks ago I invited dozens of business coaches around the world to share with me their favourite marketing strategy for attracting new coaching clients.

I ended up reading about 37 different marketing strategies that are working well for business coaches.

Here are five of these marketing strategies.

Strategy 1: Instagram posts

Suzanne Williams runs a coaching business called Grace & Grind.


Her background and qualifications includes Human Resources, Executive Coaching and Yoga Teaching. Aside from referrals and word of mouth, Suzanne found the best marketing strategy for her has been Instagram posts.

This was a huge surprise as she never expected Instagram to be so explicit in connecting her business to new coaching clients.

The promotions and insights that she publishes on Instagram resonate with her target audience to the extent that they reach out and book a call with Suzanne to find out more about what she offers.

Strategy 2: Your own app

Rhondalynn Korolak is a lawyer, chartered public accountant, author, speaker and media commentator. She runs a coaching firm called Businest.

Businest are the only business coaching firm in the world that has their own app that automatically identifies, quantifies and provides targeted coaching tips to boost your bottom line and cash flow in under 8 minutes.

It won The App You SHOULD be Using at Accountex - the largest and most prestigious software agnostic accounting and business conference in the world.

This app integrates with Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks.

Rhondalynn told me this app is a phenomenal tool to get new clients as it helps her business to pinpoint pain immediately, focus the client on 2-3 things that they need to do and track results moving forward.

Strategy 3: A narrow business niche

is a coach who works exclusively with financial advisors. Because his coaching is focused solely on financial advisors, James has received a huge amount of business from LinkedIn. He posts advisor-specific content and share it to advisor-only groups. Thousands of financial advisors see James and his niche specific content and they reach out to him because of it.


Strategy 4: Live events

is a business coach and events professional who teaches business owners who to create powerful and purposeful events. By using events as part of their business model, businesses are gaining new clients and even seeing returns of over 1,940 per cent from their minimal investments.

Live events are a very effective strategy for client attraction and one that Jade has used very successfully over the last three years to build up her own clientele in both 1:1 coaching and an annual mastermind.

Strategy 5: Friendly advice

is a life coach and business coach, and for him it's about giving value even before he charges clients for anything.

Danny recalls one time he was surfing the listings on Airtasker. He found a young lady who was wanting some social media work done, and Danny knew she would very quickly be taken in by a so-called "expert" to do some pretty minor work for which she'd be charged a bundle.

So Danny offered her his advice on some DIY tips that could help her get some traction. He also helped her to see what it was she was actually after so that she could pursue other avenues that would offer more fulfilment.

She ended up hiring Danny for about a year as a life coach/business coach. All because he offered friendly advice, for free as a marketing strategy.


In this week's marketing column I've touched briefly on 5 out of 37 different marketing strategies that are working well to help business coaches attract new clients.

Now whether or not you are a business coach yourself doesn't matter.

What matters is this....

Whatever you doing to market and promote your business right now there are a large number of other marketing opportunities that could also work very well for you that you are probably not using at all.

And if you try some of these new opportunities they might work very well for you.
The key is to try some new marketing strategies on a regular basis.

"To succeed, jump as quickly at opportunities as you do at conclusions." -
Benjamin Franklin

Action Step:

What new marketing opportunities could you test in a small way this month for your business?