The new head of Tourism New Zealand is enthusiastic about the 100% Pure marketing message to the world although as a Kiwi would like to see this country do more to clean up the environment.

Stephen England-Hall has been in the job for four weeks and says the 18-year-old campaign continues to work.

The campaign by the Government-funded agency has attracted flak from environmentalists in the wake of reports into polluted waterways and species becoming extinct.

England-Hall said the message was meant to cover the entire travel experience, not just the natural environment.


''When I lived overseas I always thought, and since I've worked here I've found the assumption to be true, that the 100% Pure was about the unique New Zealand experience,'' he said at the Trenz tourism trade event in Auckland today.

It was aimed at promoting unique landscapes, wilderness and accessibility of the outdoors in addition to the cultural fusion.

Criticism of the campaign was not going to stop it being successful.

''When we survey people who come to New Zealand the natural environment exceeds their expectations 90 plus per cent of the time,'' said England-Hall.

Every New Zealander and organisation had a responsibility to do more to improve the environment.

''From an ethics point of view absolutely living in a safer, cleaner, healthier country would always be a good thing for everybody,'' he said.

Tourism New Zealand gets about $115m a year from the Government and this morning announced a marketing partnership worth up to $20m this year, to promote New Zealand in key offshore markets.

The focus would be on growing international visitation throughout New Zealand and during off-peak periods.

Air New Zealand and Tourism New Zealand will invest up to $10 million each over 12 months for joint activity in Australia, China, North and South America, Japan, Singapore, the United Kingdom and Europe.

This year's partnership will continue to highlight the distinct experiences on offer and that they are accessible though Air New Zealand's network of 21 domestic ports.

Air New Zealand chief executive Christopher Luxon said spreading tourists and their holiday spend more evenly throughout the year and beyond the main gateways was a clear way for our regions to share tourism's benefits -such as increased year-round employment and trade opportunities.

Air New Zealand and Tourism New Zealand's collaboration in the past year includes increased marketing in the United States, Argentina and Brazil, with the success of the airline's direct services from Houston and Buenos Aires.