British pizza lovers are paying up to four times more for a Domino's than in New Zealand - where a Margherita costs just NZ$5.99 (£2.87).

This compares to $26.00 in the UK, which is even more expensive than the USA, where the traditional cheese and tomato pizza will set you back $20.00, the Daily Mail reported.

According to figures released in 2011, the firm is making a 900 per cent profit on each Margherita - which costs £1.25 (NZ$2.17) to create.

When contacted by MailOnline, Domino's said prices were more expensive in the UK because costs were higher.


Kiwi Charlotte Milton, 26, noticed the dramatic difference in prices when she moved to Britain.

She told "In New Zealand, Domino's is often viewed as an affordable pizza place where you'd go to get pizzas for parties or on a hungover Sunday because it was so cheap.

"We would never dream of spending that much on Domino's and have never been back since."

And Aussie Sam Borland-Smith, 23, said he went from going to Domino's regularly with friends back home to never visiting branches in the UK.

"It's hard to understand how the exact same product, from the exact same brand and business, can differ so drastically in price. It's ridiculous," he said.

Domino's spokesman Nina Arnott said: 'The taste of Domino's is unique, with great quality fresh ingredients.

"The average price our customers pay for a medium cheese and tomato is less than £8 because of our competitive deals and bundles and we believe this offers fantastic value.

"International comparisons do vary greatly, including, rent, petrol, labour and food costs - for example, in the US sales tax, can be as low as 7 per cent in some states, whereas here in the UK VAT is 20 per cent."