Engineering firm Tonkin and Taylor says a critical shortage of engineers in Australasia, coupled with infrastructure investment across the region has sparked a massive UK talent drive.

Executive leader of engineering services, Richard Hancy, said boom years are ahead, with the New Zealand Government earmarking $50 billion for large-scale infrastructure projects over the next ten years.

"As a result, planning and construction related activity in transportation, commercial buildings, water infrastructure, housing and many other sectors is getting busier and busier," Hancy said.

Tonkin and Taylor, a specialist engineering and environmental consulting firm, will head for London's Down Under Job Live Expo next month to attract top engineers, scientists, planners and project managers.


"Sourcing overseas talent will not only help to address the current shortage of engineers, but allow Tonkin and Taylor to maintain an international perspective vital in a rapidly changing world," the firm said.

Upcoming infrastructure work includes a land transport programme projected to be worth $13.9b and a further $2.2b tagged for Crown assets associated with the Christchurch rebuild.