New Zealand is still the name on everyone's lips when it comes to tourism, but Jucy CEO Tim Alpe says there needs to be more investment in the sector to sustain the boom.

Alpe spends months every year travelling to countries like the US and Australia promoting Jucy and New Zealand.

"People just want to come... it's just New Zealand, New Zealand, New Zealand," Alpe says.

"The events that are happening in Europe, elections in the US... make New Zealand a place which people think is safe, it's a bucket list [destination]."

Alpe says more money needs to be invested into the industry to keep up with the demand.

Alpe says there's a need for more accommodation and activities in the major tourist areas as well as wider infrastructure such as public facilities, public toilets and roading in the smaller centres.


"This stuff is expensive, and it does have to paid for," Alpe says.

"People are throwing out different ideas, like bed tax and taxes around activities that people are going to use, that is quite common overseas.

"Whether bed tax is the right thing to do here, I don't know, that's still open for discussion."

Jucy has expanded with a new hotel at Christchurch International Airport, an additional cruise boat in the Milford Sound and puts more cars and campervans on the road all the time.

In the past year, more than 3.4 million visitors arrived on our shores and the total annual tourism revenue has grown from $28 billion to $34.7b in just two years.

"It's busy, but we have an opportunity to really sell New Zealand to the world and get even more people here... it's critical we get this right as tourism is the biggest employer of kiwis."