Rush Munro's has been in business for 90 years, which makes them one of New Zealand's oldest ice cream manufacturers.

As part of celebrations they're giving away 90 litres of ice-cream, giving 90 cent discounts and creating a limited edition flavour with the help of locals.

Judith McMillan is founder Frederick Charles Rush Munro's eldest granddaughter.

She recalls what the ice cream parlour looked like when she was a child.


"Any of the ice cream that we tasted was during the war or coming down shortly after it and I would have been only nine I think when he retired," she says.

"The thing I do remember is [the ice creams] used to be shaped in a sort of lily shape"

For many Hawke's Bay residents, the garden parlour on Heretaunga St is a staple stop-off during Sunday drives - a family tradition that spans generations

"When we drove past the sign was up, the roses were out, the lavenders blooming and the gardens full of people enjoying the ice cream," Ms McMillan says.

"I think it's a wonderful opportunity for us to get together and to celebrate a firm that's been going for so long."

Rush Munro's General Manager Tom O'Sullivan says the recipe for success is simple.

"We've got a loyal base of consumers and we're continuing to talk to them were continuing to introduce new flavours and keep in contact with our loyal customer base."

The ice cream is still batch churned, meaning only one batch can be made at a time and ingredients, like bananas, are peeled by hand.

"It's a challenge for us because we're very much a boutique ice cream and there are so many competitors in the market these days and a lot of really cheap alternatives so it's a real challenge for us to continue to promote the brand as a premium product and pitch at that place," Mr O'Sullivan says.


The multi-award winning business is launching into the international market in 2017 with Australia and Asia first in line.

Mr O'Sullivan says the company has just secured a licence to export to China.

Next year the company also welcomes new machinery to speed up some manufacturing processes.

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