Ryanair is seeking an assistant for its outspoken CEO, Michael O'Leary, and is inviting people with "thick skin", "saint-like patience" and an "aversion to bolloxology" to apply for the role.

The low-cost airline certainly can't be accused of upselling the vacancy, describing it on its website as the "worst job in Ireland".

"A bright, ambitious qualified accountant is required to assist Ryanair's misunderstood but beloved CEO and manage a wide range of issues," says the advert, which was posted on the carrier's website.

According to the ad, those "issues" include investment analysis, tax returns and "general drudgery".


Ryanair also lists the attributes it would like applicants to possess, which include an "ability to work without sleep or contact with the outside world" and "(ego) massage qualifications". A collection of bedtime stories is also essential, the airlines said.

The job certainly won't be for everyone. In fact there's a disclaimer on the advert which explains how "Dubs fans, Man U supporters and cyclists will not only be automatically excluded from the process, but will be tracked down, tortured and shot".

While the advert goes into great detail about the requirements of the job, typically there is no mention of what salary the successful applicant can expect.

The role is based in Dublin and if you are in any doubt what O'Leary is like to work for then consider his previous comments about the people he employees.

"I'm paid about 20 times more than the average Ryanair employee and I think the gap should be wider," he said in 2012, defending his €1.2million (£1.07m) salary. "I work about 50 times harder."

On another occasion he admitted the Ryanair recruitment process wasn't foolproof. "We all employ some lazy ******* who needs a kick up the backside," he said. "But no one can bring themselves to admit it."

And when asked about his strategy for keeping employees motivated, he replied: "Fear".

Don't say we didn't warn you.