Chanelle Haffenden has been overwhelmed with job offers after she appeared in the Herald with a "hire me" sign on Sandringham Rd.

The 24-year-old decided to take to Auckland's streets with the sign and a handful of resumes after being unable to find work through more conventional methods.

She said she had received about half a dozen messages on Facebook, while about the same number of employers and recruitment companies have contacted the Herald and asked for their contact details to be passed on.

"I've had lots and lots of offers, mainly for office and sales work. I've just tidied up my CV and I'm about to email them back and also give a couple of guys a call. So it's really helped.


"All the jobs see quite interesting so I'll just get in touch with these employers and see where it takes me. But I'd just be really happy with anything."

The government announced earlier this week that unemployment had dropped below 5 per cent for the first time since 2008, but Haffenden said it was still tough going for job hunters.

Haffenden had been looking for a job for about two weeks but had not heard back from any of the employers she's applied to through Seek and Trade Me.