Air fares analysed by travel search engine Skyscanner shows New Zealanders can save close to 20 per cent travelling to favourite holiday spots by picking the right month.

Skyscanner compared the average prices paid for flights from New Zealand to major cities across the United States and Europe by taking into account prices paid by travellers since 2011.

Honolulu topped the best deal list, with a 19.5 per cent saving for Kiwis travelling in February and then, Los Angeles with a savings of 17.2 per cent in November.

For those looking to Europe, flights to London in March are around 12 per cent cheaper, followed by Paris in February at 10.8 per cent.


Emily Callahan, senior marketing manager at Skyscanner for Australia and New Zealand, said Kiwis plan their travel earlier than most people around the world.

'With the end of 2016 in sight, and many in planning for 2017, travellers can use this information to plan, sign up for price alerts and monitor fare hikes and drops."

Overall, based on Skyscanner New Zealand's data crunching of over 250 million flight prices, November is the best time for Kiwis to travel, with savings of as much as 8 per cent when compared to the average price paid.

Last month Skyscanner compared the average return prices paid for flights to Australia this November, against the average prices of the same flights paid in the first eight months of 2016 and found savings of up to 19 per cent.

Travellers from Auckland to resort destination Hamilton Island in November paid on average $658 compared to and average of $814 for the rest of the year.

Flights to Sydney are 9 per cent cheaper in November ($395) than during the rest of the year, and travellers save 6 per cent to Melbourne where flights fall to $436 in November.

Best times to travel

Los Angeles

• Cheapest month to travel: November - 17.2% saving

New York

• Cheapest: May - 12.2% saving


• Cheapest: February - 19.5% saving

San Francisco

• Cheapest: October - 12.3% saving


• Cheapest : March - 12.3% saving


• Cheapest: February - 10.8% saving


• Cheapest : May - 11.7% saving


• Cheapest : May - 12% saving