Emirates has rolled out the star power with Jennifer Aniston fronting a new campaign to promote the airline's superjumbo, the A380.

In the digital and TV ad campaign the Golden Globe and Emmy award-winning actress makes a new friend, a young boy. The pair walk around the world's biggest passenger plane and she meets his family.

The ad ends with boy's mother relaxing in Aniston's private suite, having swapped places with the Hollywood star.

Emirates' divisional senior vice president, corporate communications, marketing and brand, Boutros Boutros, said the airline launched another ad with Aniston a year ago.


"A year ago, when we launched our first ad featuring Jennifer Aniston, we were overwhelmed by what a social phenomenon it became,'' he said.

''The humour resonated with audiences around the world, and the ad was viewed by millions of people. We were overrun with requests to see Jennifer again.''

Rival Middle Eastern carrier Etihad Airlines uses Nicole Kidman to promote its A380s.

The Australian actress has starred in ads promoting the airline's suites and in May appeared in a five minute immersive virtual reality film which gave viewers with a 360-degree look at the superjumbo.

Other airlines have used actors in ads and promotion include Qantas which has John Travolta as one of its ambassadors, American Airlines has used James Gandolfini and Kevin Spacey and a Turkish Airlines Super Bowl ad this year featured Ben Affleck and Jesse Eisenberg.

In the mid-1970s Farrah Fawcett played the role of a Continental Airlines flight attendant.

An Emirates A380 aircraft.
An Emirates A380 aircraft.