Zara, the world's biggest clothing retailer, will open its first New Zealand store early next month.

Chris Gudgeon, chief executive of NZX listed landlord Kiwi Property, has just announced the date for the opening at new Sylvia Park premises in Mt Wellington.

"Kiwi Property is excited to announce that Zara will officially open its doors to Sylvia Park shoppers on Thursday 6 October at 9.30am. This opening closely follows H&M, who is set to launch its first New Zealand store in Sylvia Park the week before," said a Kiwi statement.

"We are excited that Zara - one of the world's most successful retail brands - has chosen to open its first New Zealand store at Sylvia Park. It takes a significant investment in time and money to launch in new markets, so we are thrilled to be chosen as the pick of the New Zealand retail centres for this outstanding brand," Gudgeon said.


"Zara will be joining a strong line up of existing domestic and international retailers, including new-comers like H&M, Kiehl's, Converse, Nike and Adairs.

Kiwi Property spent $11.5 million extending the mall out to one side for new Zara premises.