Seeka has today announced the purchase of two new food products and plans to bring the manufacture of them to the Bay.

Seeka, New Zealand's and Australia's largest kiwifruit grower, announced the purchase of Kiwi Crush and Kiwi Crushies products from Auckland based Vital Food Processors Ltd (Vital Foods) for an undisclosed sum.

Kiwi Crush is a range of 100 per cent natural kiwifruit based drinks that have since the early 1990s helped New Zealanders support and balance the digestive system. Kiwi Crush is prepared through a unique and specialised process that locks in and preserves the natural and functional ingredients found in New Zealand green and other kiwifruit. Kiwi Crushies are a range of 100 per cent natural fruit based ice blocks that were launched in 2014.

Initially the products will continue to be manufactured by Vital on behalf of Seeka.


Seeka said in a statement its intention was to establish a food technology and processing centre in the Bay Of Plenty focussed on value add from the products that are currently handled by Seeka, with this centre to be operational for the next kiwifruit harvest season.

Our growers and shareholders will benefit from these value-added activities, the statement said.

Seeka chief executive Michael Franks said he was pleased to announce that the purchase of Kiwi Crush and Kiwi Crushies by Seeka.

Seeka has a long association with Vital Foods, both as a supplier of kiwifruit and as a shareholder. The sale of Kiwi Crush and Kiwi Crushies to Seeka will allow Vital Foods to focus more effectively on the international market for their Phloe and related products.