Think Nutella is good? These new chocolate spreads will have sweet-toothed fans drooling.

Chocaholics around the world now have a new way to satisfy cravings after confectionery companies have taken the step of converting popular chocolate bars into spreads.

The Mars company announced earlier this year that it was releasing spreadable Twix, a chocolate spread with hints of caramel and pieces of crunchy biscuit to put on toast, pancakes - or more likely - eaten straight from the jar.

Like a Twix Nutella... Whatta ya reckon, yum or dumb?

Posted by United Sweets on Saturday, 20 August 2016

Cadbury has also released several products including a Caramel chocolate spread based on its Caramello product, and Crunchie spread - filled with hokey-pokey pieces.


Cadbury New Zealand, which is owned by Mondelez and operates separately to Cadbury UK, has said it is not planning on bringing the spreads to its Kiwi customers at this stage.

"While we don't have any plans to bring these delicious spreads to New Zealand at the moment, we are always looking to find new products that Kiwis will love," said James Kane, Mondelez New Zealand's country head.

"It's great to see so many Facebook users getting excited in response to the post from United Sweets. Clearly there are plenty of people out there who are keen to try a spread that offers them the same flavour as their favourite Cadbury treat," he said.

"We know Kiwis love innovation - for example the recent Cadbury Dairy Milk with Oreo Block was our most popular launch ever."

Chocolate enthusiasts may still get to try it however, with Auckland-based shop United Sweets saying it was looking to import the products.

The company's Facebook post was shared almost 14,000 times in the first 24 hours with an overwhelmingly positive reaction.

United Sweets said the response had been "mind blowing" and has set up a page to notify consumers when the products were in stock.

"Currently we are trying really hard to source a supply quickly for our fans," said United Sweets owner Thomas Burrell.


The 400g Cadbury jars are available in supermarkets across the UK, as is Mars Twix spread.

Here's hoping these treats are available to Kiwi fans soon.

Hey candy lovers, the response to these Cadbury Spreads has been mind blowing (we totes went viral!) Sign up to be notified when we have them in stock here: :)

Posted by United Sweets on Monday, 22 August 2016