The hype for Whittaker's latest creation was building over the weekend and the first reviews are in.

Whittaker's announced on Thursday last week it would be blending its famously chewy K Bars with chocolate. The chocolate was available from Saturday at a special pop-up store on Wellington's Cuba Street and hit shelves ationwide this morning.

So are the nostalgic chocolate blocks a hit or a miss?

A sample of reviews posted on Whittaker's Facebook page suggest it hasn't got enough of the K Bar flavour for some fans.


For K Bar lovers that think the chocolate block version hasn't got the right amount of chew, Sophie Joyce has a tip. She said putting the chocolate block in the freezer before eating makes the gooey centre hard like a traditional K Bar.

We bought a block of the lime K Bar chocolate for the office - really enjoyed the taste but wanted a chewier centre so...

Posted by Sophie Joyce on Sunday, 21 August 2016

But, it wasn't all negative. A number of Facebook fans had positive things to say, too.

Whittaker's described K Bars as an "absolute Kiwi classic and a firm favourite with locals and dentists alike".

"These super chewy, bright coloured candy sticks come in six flavours, all guaranteed to render you momentarily speechless."

Whittaker's said the limited edition 250g chocolate blocks were a filled product that was true to the original K Bar flavours but "without the jaw-breaking effect".

The company is famous for creating Kiwi themed mash ups. In 2015, the company released a Jelly Tip flavour, the year before there was 100s and 1000s and in 2013 there was L&P.