The Environment Court has ruled that a string of issues must be addressed before Fletcher Residential can develop a new $1.2 billion housing estate in Auckland's Three Kings Quarry.

In a victory for opponents of the plans, the court issued an interim decision on a variety of matters which locals wanted addressed.

Thirteen separate issues must now be dealt with, ranging from where Fletcher had proposed to build to how it dealt with open space and sports fields.

A list of issues the court says need to be addressed includes:
• Recognition of protection of volcanic features,
• View shaft issues,
• Building form issues,
• appropriate rules on delivery of new sports fields,
• minimum dwelling sizes,


The South Auckland Planning Group, Three Kings United Group, Ngati Te Ata Waiohua and Ngati Tamaoho Trust went to court against the council and Fletcher over large-scale redevelopment of the Winstone quarry into a new residential hub.

The council's plan change allows Fletcher to rezone 15.1ha of the ex-quarry. There is also a plan for Auckland Council and the Crown to swap 6.5ha of reserve land with Fletcher Residential for the development which parties who went to court oppose.

Read the full Environment Court decision here: