Sky Television cracked down on those illegally live streaming Joseph Parker's fight last night.

Joseph Parker defeated Australian Solomon Haumono with a fourth-round knock-out punch at Horncastle Arena in Christchurch.

Director of corporate communications at Sky Television, Kirsty Way, said Sky caught more than 10 people illegally live streaming the fight.

She said Sky cut the subscriptions of those caught so they could no longer share the feed.
It would also consider legal action against them.


Way said Sky monitored illegal live streaming by watching social media. It always monitored live streaming of events but dedicated more people to the effort for big events likely to be pirated, such as last night's fight.

She said it was "absolutely fine" for somebody to invite friends to watch a sporting event on television.

But when they offered a copy of something to others who had not paid for it, it was theft.

Way wasn't sure how many paying viewers Sky lost last night as a result of live streams, but said one live stream attracted about 2000 viewers during Parker's previous fight.
NZME is seeking comment from promoter Duco Events.