Emirates has released a 360-video tour of the cockpit of the world's biggest passenger plane - the Airbus A380 - featuring Kiwi pilot, Thomas Ziarno.

Captain Ziarno and first officer Abdulrahman Mohamed Al Busaeedi from the United Arab Emirates explain the the controls of the super jumbo.

Emirates is the biggest operator of A380s in the world and flies them to Auckland via Australia from Dubai and later this year will fly directly from the UAE.

Emirates has a further 62 A380s pending delivery, of which 21 A380s will be joining the fleet this year.


Watch: Emirates' 360° cockpit tour of Airbus A380:

(Use mousepad, click pad and compass to fly through the cockpit):

The airline has more than 4000 pilots from nearly 100 nationalities fly the Emirates fleet of 250 all wide-body aircraft that serve 155 destinations across 81 countries.

Emirates has over 1400 pilots on its A380 fleet and more than 2500 pilots on the Boeing 777 fleet.

The airline is hiring over 700 pilots in 2016 to operate its expanding fleet and will be holding multiple recruitment events across the globe to support pilot recruitment.