Air New Zealand has released the latest in its series of behind the scenes videos - showing the operations of its flight tracking team.

See more from the series here:
With the "Pee Lab" - the team fixing and maintaining fleet toilets:

Air NZ's released a new 'behind the scenes' video showing the team responsible for looking after the toilets on its aircraft.

It's not duct tape - it's Speed Tape you might see on your plane:

Air New Zealand head of engineering Grant Crenfeldt shows off the special tape used on its aircraft in the latest behind the scenes video from the national carrier.

The 90 minute turnaround - cleaning and preparing a longhaul aircraft for takeoff:

Take a look behind the scenes at how Air New Zealand prepares an international flight with a turnaround time of 90 minutes.

Preparing for night landings at Queenstown Airport:

Have a look at the work that goes on behind the scenes, preparing Air New Zealand’s evening flights into Queenstown.

Behind the scenes with the "Clothes Hangar":

On this week's episode of Air NZ's Behind the Scenes we take a look inside the airline's clothing hangar.