A beneficiary who gained employment through Work and Income has been awarded more than $12,000 after he was sacked just three days into his new job.

The Employment Relations Authority has ordered Fully Synced Ltd to reimburse Jon-Paul Moses for an unjustified dismissal, covering lost wages and compensation for humiliation and loss of dignity.

Mr Moses, 24, was fired by the phone repair company's owner and director Nick Kane after he requested more time to go over his contract before signing.

The two had reached a verbal employment agreement, with Mr Moses working as a technician.


Mr Kane was then found to have pressured Mr Moses to sign the contract, but Mr Moses wanted to go over it more thoroughly with family members.

Mr Kane then fired Mr Moses in front of his mother and tore up the contract.

He argued that Mr Moses voluntarily left the job, but this was rejected by the ERA.

They also found that Mr Kane failed to attend mediation, which would have been fair and reasonable according to the ERA.

Mr Moses's mother, Maryrose Morgan-Coakle, said the ordeal had taken an emotional toll on him, impacting his confidence and making him depressed and withdrawn.

Fully Synced was ordered to pay Mr Moses $6946.87 for lost wages, $2000 as compensation for humiliation and loss of dignity, $3100 towards representation and filing costs, and $34.20 holiday pay.