Air New Zealand was one of many companies around the country playing April Fools' Day jokes today, but theirs came with a twist - those who participated in the 'prank' ended up with a free trip to Hawaii.

The stunt involved a bus travelling around central Auckland during the busy morning peak with 'Hawaii' on the front as the final destination.

The bus stopped at several bus stops and people were invited to board the bus to Hawaii.
Some curious people jumped on board while there were a number that were cautious and chose not to.

Those that did ended up at a Hawaiian themed destination in Auckland which initially seemed disappointing -- until they received their 'Hawaii boarding pass' from an Air New Zealand flight attendant, giving them a free return flight to Honolulu.


Separately, Air New Zealand Grabaseat turned its website into an online furniture store - literally promoting seats.

A thousand $19 one-way domestic fares were offered to destinations around the country, selling out within hours.