Business reporter Christopher Adams is flying on the first non-stop flight to Dubai from Auckland. It's the first flight of the service that will be the longest flight in the world.

He's sharing a live diary from onboard, thanks to in-flight wi-fi here.

While he enjoys business class Emirates luxury, these are some of the things Chris could be doing instead.

How many Game of Thrones episodes could you watch in 17 hours?
You could binge watch 18 55-minute long episodes of Game of Thrones and almost finish season five twice. Then you'd really be ready for the new season when it premieres next month.


• How many rugby games could you watch in 17 hours?
You could watch 12 80-minute rugby matches, or watch the All Blacks superb run at the Rugby World Cup from their first match against Argentina through to the final, then watch it all over again.

How many times could you fly to the Gold Coast in 17 hours?
You could fly from Auckland to the Gold Coast seven times. At this time of year the flights won't be too full, either.

Could you watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit trilogy?
You could watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and the first two The Hobbit movies, but not finish the thirs and final The Hobbit movie. But, you might prefer to watch Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring four times.

How many desserts could you make in 17 hours?
You could bake 17 cheesecakes, in turn feeding roughly 323 people, that's more than the number of people onboard the Airbus A380 on route to Dubai.