Australasia’s largest mall owner/manager plans to spend $500m expanding Westfield malls in Newmarket, St Lukes and Albany, starting later this year in Newmarket. What does it mean for you?

1. New shops

Scentre Group is promising to bring new international retailers here. Our choice in Auckland is expanding fast, with huge retailer Top Shop opening in Auckland's CBD and Kiwi Property soon bring the world's two largest retailers - Zara and H&M - to Sylvia Park. What new brands will Scentre bring? They're not saying right now, but they have some powerful pull, so expectations are running high.

2. More entertainment
Malls like to keep people longer, so cinemas will be built in Newmarket, at the Gillies Ave end of 277. And that means you, staying at the mall to watch a film so perhaps getting hungry and heading for the food hall. Then you pass that book shop or fashion outlet and think 'hmm'... and make an extra purchase.

Monster $500 million expansion for malls
3. Longer operating hours
With the extended retail offering Scentre is planning at its three malls, the centre is likely to stay open longer.


4. More jobs
More shops means more people involved in all aspects of the retail business, from transport and logistics to shop-floor staff. That means more jobs.

5. Who said retail was dead?
Sure, online is important, but recent activity in Auckland's retail scene shows owner and managers have huge faith in bricks over clicks right now.