Vodafone customers left without landline and broadband services for more than five hours today should have full service restored within the next half hour.

A power outage at one of Vodafone's operations centres in Auckland caused the problem but Vodafone spokeswoman Andrea Brady said she had received word shortly before 6pm that the problem had been fixed.

"In 30 minutes we should be back to normal services."

The outage was believed to have started around midday today and only affected the company's customers who were previously with WorldxChange Communication, which was bought by Vodafone in 2015.


Ms Brady said she was unsure how many people had been affected but said pockets of people around the country would have been without service.

"[With] World Exchange I'd say the majority of them would have been business customers."

As well as being without broadband or landline services, customers were unable to call the World Exchange contact centre or use the World Exchange website.