Those who pledged money to buy an Abel Tasman beach for New Zealanders are fulfilling their commitments.

More than 39,000 people pledged more than $2 million to buy the Awaroa Inlet beach by tender through a Givealittle campaign.

The Government also supported the bid with a contribution.

Campaign organisers said they had received an update from Givealittle now that the first round of credit card drawdowns were complete.


There had been concern that up to 10 per cent of people could default on their pledges. However, 97.5 per cent of people had honoured them.

"That really is extra-ordinary, more than you would expect. Givealittle are stoked, we are all stoked."

Organisers said they backed the people of New Zealand to fulfil their commitments and now found that trust had been well placed.

They said they had cleared over $2.2 million with a default rate of between 2 and 3 per cent.

More than 100 people had contacted Givealittle concerned they might default on their pledge as a result of things like changed banks or lost cards and asking how they could still fulfil their commitment.

Organisers added that people were contacting both the Gift Abel Tasman Beach Facebook page and Givealittle because they missed out pledging and wanted to help cover a shortfall.

"Good on you New Zealand for sticking to your commitment," said organisers.