The Warehouse has launched it's very first prepay mobile phone plan in stores across New Zealand today.

Warehouse Mobile, which has been established as a virtual network operator and partnered with 2degress for technical support, promises customers the lowest standard of prepay rates, flexible plans and a cheaper prepay option.

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Chief executive of the Warehouse Simon Turner says customers want rates that are "less complicated and more customisable."


"We know that those customers want value, flexibility, an easy to understand offering, and of course 97 percent coverage and all necessary NZ-based customer support, so we think Warehouse Mobile's 2c text, 4c talk and 6c data offer will be a great option for them."

Two thirds of New Zealanders are currently using prepay services.

Turner said the Warehouse Group, like other retailers, have been making a move in to mobile for "some time," hoping to promote further choice and competition.

"Prepay is already part of our core business - we're the number one channel in that part of the mobile industry, plus we have fantastic footfall from which to grow our market share further," he said.

The plan offers a minimum top up of $10 every 31 days, 250 minutes of calling time, 6c per MB of data usage, 4c per minute talk time to any network and 2c texts.

Warehouse Mobile's number range is 0284 and other numbers can be ported from different providers.