Airlines from either side of the ditch were talking a big game on social media as Australia jostled for a spot in the Rugby World Cup final against the men in black.

Australia's largest airline Qantas kicked off the friendly banter on Twitter last week, with a post about its excitement to watch this morning's match.

It sparked a tongue-in-cheek Twitter war as Air New Zealand responded with enthusiasm.

"We're excited to watch the #Qantas @Wallabies take on Los Pumas early Monday morning! #StrongerAsOne #AUSvARG", Qantas posted.


Air New Zealand wasted no time in throwing down a cheeky challenge in reply, posting a picture of the All Blacks mid-haka with the message: "Excited... and a tad nervous? One more win for the both of us and you could be facing off against this..."

Qantas matched the message with its own picture - this time of the Wallabies huddled together wearing pink bibs.

"Don't worry mate, we're ready for you. #StrongerAsOne"

The rival airlines then jumped into a debate about betting on their nation's teams - after Air New Zealand suggested a "friendly wager".

"Imagine a #NZLvAUSFinal ? How about a friendly wager?", Air New Zealand posted.

Qantas responded: "What do you have in mind?", but Air New Zealand would not play ball.

"Let's just see how this w/e goes & then we'll chat some more. We'll be in touch. Good luck... but more importantly, go the @AllBlacks," the airline posted.

"It's on! Good luck for tomorrow but GO the #Qantas @Wallabies!", Qantas said.


Twitter users had a laugh over the exchange, with some posting their own suggestions for what the wager could be.

"The winner gets to fly me to NZ for free at Xmas," Rob Hill posted.

Andrew Kay replied: "Ohhh I like the sound of this. Maybe have the pilot of a flight, walk pass (sic) passengers in competitors uniform on the plane".

It's probably not the last of the banter, with more Twitter talk expected in coming days as the All Blacks and Wallabies prepare to face-off in the final on Sunday at 5am (NZT).