Consumer New Zealand has ramped up its campaign against Jetstar's "opt-out" booking service that can lead to travellers booking additional services they don't need.

Sue Chetwin, chief executive of Consumer NZ, said Australian consumer advocacy group Choice was on board to campaign against the practice of companies automatically opting in consumers for additional services.

"Jetstar's practice of pre-ticking boxes for optional extras risked misleading customers on both sides of the Tasman into paying for services they didn't want," Ms Chetwin said.

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"In both markets, it uses the same sneaky practice of ticking boxes for travel insurance, seat selection and extra bags. It's high time Jetstar stopped confusing its Kiwi and Aussie customers and ditched the ticks."

Air New Zealand was recently forced to remove its pre-selected travel insurance after a warning from the Commerce Commission, but Jetstar is standing its ground.

A survey of Consumer NZ members in June found 93 per cent of respondents wanted Jetstar to stop using pre-ticked boxes.

Choice director of campaigns and communications Matt Levey said "this practice is shonky".

Earlier this year Jetstar said in a statement that checked baggage, seat selection and travel insurance were all pre-selected during its booking process.

"Jetstar is a low cost carrier and our pre-selected options are in line with other low cost carriers worldwide.

"The pre-selected items on Jetstar's website were all are clearly displayed and easy to deselect, a spokesman said.

"Pre-selection can alert travellers to services such as travel insurance or checked baggage that they may not have considered.

"If they don't want to purchase a pre-selected product they just tick a button and continue with their booking.

"We believe our pre-selection processes comply with all laws and we are explaining our position to the Commerce Commission."