Seventy per cent of New Zealand technology employers say finding qualified staff is their biggest challenge this year according to the latest employer insight report from IT recruitment agency AbsoluteIT.

The report found that of the more than 440 tech employers surveyed, 79 per cent were planning to hire staff or contractors this year, but 29 per cent said they were finding it harder this year to find staff compared with last year.

AbsoluteIT director Grant Burley said companies needed to ... to attract and retain staff.

"Talk with staff and share company goals and ambitions so everyone gets on-board and excited about the vision," Burley said.


"Seek feedback - good and bad - recognise great work and where possible provide career growth pathways."

Burley said this was not always easy but saved time and money in the long term and helped attract more staff.

AbsoluteIT said a separate report on job insights had shown that although 85 per cent of tech employees were happy with their workplace, 67 per cent would still consider moving to a new job if the package was attractive enough.Burley said it was important based on this to provide a workplace that catered to the needs of its staff, including providing a good salary package, which he said was the top motivator for staff.

"Keep in mind, a better salary package doesn't just mean more money," Burley said.

"With 43 per cent of tech professionals stating flexible working hours as the top non-financial benefit an employer can offer, the salary package you offer can be made up of many things."

The other top motivators were being challenged at work, having training and development opportunities and a good workplace culture.

For permanent staff the salary package was the main factor when accepting a job, with 44 per cent stating it as their top influencer, compared with contractors who saw salary package and challenging work as equally important at 31 per cent and 32 per cent respectively.

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